Kilometres travelled each year
Petrol Consumption per 100 kms
Petrol Cost per year at
cents per litre
LPG Cost per year at
cents per litre
Cost of Conversion
Fuel Cost Savings with LPG per Annum
Conversion Cost Recouped in


Please note, the above calculations are a guide only and variations may
occur due to vehicle age. Generally vehicles consume the following:
  • 4 cylinders 8-10 litres petrol per 100km
  • V6 10-13 litres petrol per 100km
  • V8 12-15 litres petrol per 100km

The cost of converting a petrol vehicle to run on LP Gas ranges from
$1,500 to $2,500 depending on the vehicle type and age.

Autogas combustion is also cleaner than petrol, so there's less wear
and tear on the engine.

Click here here to request further information about the cost
saving benefits for your fleet or business by converting to UNIGAS.

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